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semi automatic spray filling machine

semi automatic spray filling machine
Product name : semi automatic spray filling machine
Item :
Details :
 1. Machine description: 

1)This is 3 in 1 aerosol filling machine.
2) Widely used in chemical, medicine and so on.

2. Technical parameers: 

Valves: 1 " (25.4 mm)
Contents of the filling volume (ml): 20-450
Contents of the input connector: 20 mm diameter stainless steel pagoda connector
Propellant filling volume (ml): 20-450
Propellant input connector: M22 * 1.5 Anti-teeth (for example, with standard 15KG, 50KG liquefied petroleum gas cylinder butt)
Filling accuracy: ± 1%
Aerosol cans for height (mm): 70-330
For aerosol can diameter Diameter (mm):: φ35 to φ70
Working pressure (MPa): 0.5-1.0
Maximum Air Consumption (m3/min): 1
Production capacity (cans / hour): 100 ml per tank filling of liquid Filling speed of 1200 cans / hour
machine size : 1220mm*590mm*1550mm,

machine weight: 180kg

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