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automatic shrink wrapping machine

automatic shrink wrapping machine
Product name : automatic shrink wrapping machine
Item :
Details :
 1. Machine Features:

1) This automatic L-type Sealer Shrink Wrap Machine uses a belt to belt transfer system together with a synchronized film advance to transfer product from the in feed belt into the L-type sealing area

2) This automatic L- bar sealer is a production sealing machine capable of speeds up to 25 packages per minute - depending on package size and configuration of product

3) Full closed packing. Firstly cutting and sealing, then delivering into shrinking tunnel to be shrunk.

4) After products delivered onto the sealing machine, it automatically delivering film, bag-wrapping, cutting and sealing, shrinking.

5) Multi pin perforator wheel for air evacuation

6) Teflon coated sealing blade

7) Film rack-cradle roller style or film cores and shafts

8) Film rack side adjustable for perfect alignment of film rack and inverting head

9) Power film unwind

10) Film inverter for inline product feed with hand wheel for product adjustment

11) Omron digital temperature controller with PID function

12) Horizontal and vertical photocell for package detection

13) Safety shut down switches

14) Able to pack single or multiple packages

15) Seal head height-max 130mm

16) Widely used in medicine, stationery, hardware tools, food, toys, cosmetic, electronic products, etc.


2. Technical Parameters:


L type sealer

Shrink tunnel

Model No.




220V, 50HZ, 1.5KW

380V, 50HZ, 9.6KW

Package max height



Sealing line size

(L x W)

450* 550MM


Sealing time




POFPP folding film


Air source



Packing speed

0-25 pcs/min

Conveyor moving speed of 0-15M/min

Carrying capacity



Tunnel size



Machine size

1750 *900*1450MM


Machine weight



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